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3wt NIRVANA SuperGLASS Fiberglass Fly Fishing Rod

3wt NIRVANA SuperGLASS Fiberglass Fly Fishing Rod

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The SuperGLASS fiberglass fly rod by NIRVANA On The Fly is a beautifully designed medium/fast action S-Glass fly rod with high performance casting. This fly rod is well balanced, giving you casting accuracy and less arm fatigue. It has a soft but crisp casting stroke making it a pure joy to cast with nice recovery at the end of your cast, no noodly wobble here.

The NIRVANA SuperGLASS Fly Rods are a step up from our Moonlit Lunar fiberglass fly rods, so if you like them you will love these SuperGLASS fiberglass fly rods. The SuperGLASS rod allows you to feel the line loading, making it easier to find your rhythm or learn how to cast. Once you cast it you won’t want to set it down. Plus, this rod can punch the line when needed.

The NIRVANA SuperGLASS fly rod comes with a rod cloth and a fancy fiberglass rod tube.

3wt SuperGLASS Fiberglass Fly Fishing Rod:

  • 7ft 4 piece rod.
  • Case Length: 24 7/8 inches.
  • Zirconium for the main Guide.
  • Rod Weight: 2.8 ounces.
  • Total Weight (rod, tube, sock): 12.8 ounces.
  • S-Glass rod blanks.
  • Super compact collapse length for excellent packing size without sacrificing functionality of the rods performance.
  • Soft and smooth cast for pure enjoyment but enough backbone to steer fish if needed.

    The NIRVANA SuperGLASS fly rod comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY through Moonlit Fly Fishing.
    Simply send Moonlit Fly Fishing an email with a photo of the broken part and description of what happened. Once they receive the email they will send your part directly to you for a $50 service charge. Their warranty program will better allow our customers to get back on the water much faster than usual. They don’t believe it to be necessary to waste your time and money shipping the rod back and forth for repairs when we can just send you the part you need.

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