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Mizuchi zx340 Zoom Tenkara Rod

Mizuchi zx340 Zoom Tenkara Rod

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A Collaboration Design with Tom Davis

An excellent 3 length small Tenkara rod developed through a collaboration with Tom Davis of Teton Tenkara blog (The master of small overgrown streams).

3-Tenkara-Rods-In-One For Tight Spots and Open Water

The MIZUCHI zx340 Tenkara rod can be fished at 3 different lengths with its two locking zoom sections, making it an excellent choice for small stream fishing to open water fishing.

The 11ft (340cm) long length is excellent for when you have open casting room such as wider sections of the stream, a river, or even on still water. The 11ft length is a great general purpose length for a Tenkara rod that will work great in most types of water where there is room to cast. 

The 9.6ft (290cm) middle length is great when the stream or canopy are a bit to tight for a long rod but don’t require a super short rod.

And the short 8ft (240cm) length is perfect for when there is lots of canopy overgrowth. You can also perform an excellent bow-n-arrow cast if things are to tight for this length.

These 3 different lengths in one rod allow you to cover many different waters with the same rod.

This will be a Multi-Length rod that can be fished at 240cm (8ft), 290cm (9.6ft), and 340cm (11ft). It was co-designed with Tom Davis of the Teton Tenkara blog, who is known for his plethora of rod reviews and his years of experience fishing small overgrown streams. Tom’s input/feedback was most insightful and helpful in designing the Mizuchi zx340 Tenkara rod for small streams and we could not be more happy with the final product he helped shape with us.

Kid-Friendly Rod

With it’s 3 lengths, the MIZUCHI rod will be a great option for kids as well. Little kids can learn on the short lengths of the MIZUCHI Tenkara Rod that is easier for them to handle. As they get older or more experienced, they can graduate up to using the longer lengths of the MIZUCHI Tenkara rod. It is like a rod that grows with them.

MIZUCHI Rod Specs:

Collapsed Length: 64cm (25.2in)
Extended lengths: 240cm (7.88ft), 292cm (9.58ft), 339.5cm (11.14ft)
Length Difference between Shortest to Longest Length: 39.12in
Weight (with out tip plug or cap): 81 g (2.86 ounces)
CCS/RFI: 16 pennies/6.6, 17 p/5.8, 18 p/5.3

There is not another small stream zoom rod that gives you the extreme length options this rod does in going from the 240cm shortest length to zooming out over 39.12 inches to the longest length at 339.5cm. That is quite a wingspan for a short zoom rod.

Includes Regular Tip Cap AND Universal Tip Cap.

DRAGONtail’s Excellent
Customer Service

The MIZUCHI Tenkara Rod is backed by DRAGONtail’s excellent (and highly rated) customer service based right here in the USA (not China) and every part of the rod is available and replaceable individually if an accidental break happens. So you can order just the replacement part you need making it very cost effective ship and repair parts of your rod.

DRAGONtail’s Warranty

DRAGONtial takes care of all immediate defects free of charge. Breaks that happen later on from use and accidents can be repaired by purchasing individual replacement parts (every part is replaceable) from their website at a small cost. 

They also have a One-Time-Rod-Replacement warranty in place that allows you to replace your MIZUCHI rod with a new MIZUCHI Tenkara rod for just $60+shipping. This is a great option if you accidentally break or ruin several parts.

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