2021 Recap and 2022 Goals

2021 Recap and 2022 Goals

Today is December 31, 2021.  

It is a fitting time to do a recap of everything that happened during 2021 for Not Only Trout.  There were a lot of ups and downs and a lot of different changes that happened during the year.

The year started off with a post a day on Instagram and Twitter of various flies that were being tied.  Some flies were received with a lot more enthusiasm than others. Not surprising.  To be honest, that was both fun and exhausting to do.  You should comment, tweet, DM, Instagram message, or just reach out and tell me if you want to see something like that again. 

There were a several really fun fishing trips this last year.  I always love the trips that I get to go on with my dad.  Great times, great memories, and some fun fish stories happened.  I also had a chance to catch some amazing carp. There was also my first fish using tenkara, my personal best largemouth bass, a lot of bluegill, and a big carp caught on spin gear on 6lb test line.  

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In addition to the fun with fishing and fly tying there were some fun business developments for Not Only Trout.  The business went live.  The domain and website were set up. There are now a few people who we do regular business with and I am looking to expand that presence in the future. 

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It was a challenging but very rewarding year.


Next year, 2022, has the potential to be a great year.  I've spent a lot of time recently reviewing and setting some fun goals for 2022.  I really hope you come along on the journey.


1) Weekly YouTube videos (If you have a fly you want to see tied, please let me know).

2) Regularly post (at least 3 times a month) on the blog.

3) Catch a new personal best largemouth bass.

4) Catch a 9-inch plus bluegill.

5) Catch another mirror carp (this means I went fishing in some special to me places).

6) Break even financially with Not Only Trout (losing money sucks compared to not losing money).

7) Make some great memories on and off the water with some fishy people. 


I really look forward to having y'all come along on this journey and sharing some fun fish memories with you.  I hope that 2022 becomes a fantastic year on and off the water for each of you!  


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