Not Only Trout Catches

I have spent a lot of time recently focused on how I can track my best catches across species.  I don't claim to have a perfect solution - but what I am doing will be great for me.  What will end up happening is I will have a list of all the species and then I'll have the biggest by body of water and then some of my favorites for that species/subspecies.  I am starting this list as of January 2022 - I might throw some historical stories in the mix because I don't get to travel for some species very often - so if the list is lacking species or a link isn't working it is likely because I haven't gotten out for them yet this year!

Bluegill/Green Sunfish

Brown Trout

Brook Trout


Cutthroat Trout

Common Carp

Largemouth Bass

Mirror Carp

Rainbow Trout

Smallmouth Bass



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