Starting over again.

Starting over again.

A few weeks ago I mentioned on a different blog of mine that I was starting getting back into my blog writing. I had the greatest intentions to do that. It didn't happen. I got pulled into a lot of additional projects at work. My wife's pregnancy got more miserable and I didn't want to spend too much time writing instead of taking care of her and our other 3 kids. I was focused elsewhere. I am trying to find a balance.

I took a quote from my other blog post:

"I hope to make this something that I regularly do.  I hope to post some content that people will find interesting/beneficial.  I hope that it becomes a place where I write things that matter to me and that will help me remember the great memories that I am experiencing as a fly fisherman (and hopefully this next year fisherman in general as I might get into ice fishing and some spin fishing as my kids are getting big enough to fish a little more). I think I’ll document some of my fly patterns.  I hope to document cool fishing stories, trips, ideas and conversations that I have with people, and just random fishing ideas."

This remains true. I am excited to make this a reality. Over the next couple of days please be ready to read about why I changed my social media name, why I started this new blog instead of staying with the old one, why I love fishing, and some other random thoughts and pictures.


Thank you to the people who have read this! You are making me smile and happy - thank you!

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