Fly Fishing Trip

Fly Fishing Trip

The next couple of weeks are going to fly by in an absolute blur. I can only hope that they are as amazing as I hope they are going to be. Work is going to fly by - only a few more days until the weekend. From there I have a trip to a cabin with some family - there is a lake nearby and I might try to bring some of my fly fishing gear with me. The forecast looks like snow and cold so I might not. The following week I will be spending the better part of a week fly fishing with my dad.

Those of you who have read some of my blog posts for Fishwest (if you haven't you should click here and read this one) you know that I have a special spot for fly fishing with my dad. This trip will be the first time that I have had to spend time with him in an extended manner in over a year. I am so excited for the large amount of time that I will be spending with him in the car and chatting about whatever comes to mind. It will also be a blast to spend the majority of each day trying to catch trout, enjoying the beauty of the river, playing with some new gear, and trying some new flies out.

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Here's my questions to you (and please leave a comment, shoot me a message, respond on social media, whatever you choose to answer) - during the days/weeks/months before an extended trip does it become something you can't stop thinking about? Do you almost obsess about watching the weather? Do you worry about river conditions? Do you pack and repack your gear 17 bazillion times to make sure you have everything? Is the anticipation something that you just have a love/hate relationship with?

... or is that just how it is for me and my dad?

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