Getting ready

Getting ready

Many of you who read my blog and chat with me about fishing know that I have not done a lot of trout fishing this year.  I have gotten out a few times for trout.  One trip was to the Green River with my dad for a couple of days, once to Strawberry Reservoir, and the other was times were with my brother in a small stream for cutthroat.  Other than that I don't remember actively chasing trout this year.  

I gave a decent amount of my trout based flies and gear (like indicators, tippet, etc) away to friends, family, and new fly fishers.  I am back down to a very limited selection of products.  In addition to this my waders are now leaking in a couple of seams - I am going to reach out to SIMMS Tributary Waders * through this link helps me out) to see if they can repair my waders for me (or what my options are).  

As a result I spent a few minutes today and reviewed what I was needing.  One of the glaring holes in my fly fishing for trout needs are indicators (I'm not cool enough to have learned how to euronymph) for nymphing and still water applications.  In order to fix this I just threw down an order for some Air-Lock indicators * from my friends at Fishwest. I look forward to sharing what I catch as a result of getting this indicators.

Airlock Biodegradable Strike Indicators 3 Pack

What things do you find super necessary for your trout fishing opportunities?  


I plan on upping my trout preparations to match my carp and preparations over the near future.  I will be prepared for any fishing opportunities that come my way!   

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Those air-locks are awesome! Hope they do as well for you as they have done for me.


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