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Last Bass of 2020

Last Bass of 2020


I think we can all agree that 2020 was a year full of a lot of painful experiences and memories. I’m going back and looking at the happy memories that I was able to experience amidst the craziness.

Over the past few years I’ve been playing around with a variety of different fly styles and have had several people help push me to tie new to me styles of flies and learn to try lots of different patterns.

One of the patterns that cam off the vise was a chartreuse and olive deceiver style fly. Chartreuse saddle hackle, peacock krystal flash, chartreuse bucktail for the belly and olive for the back. Add some eyes what you see below is the final product of my time at the vise.

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It was the first Saturday of November and I saw a chance. I convinced my wife to let me head out to a local pond to throw some flies with my newest fly rod, the TFO Axiom II-X. I was able to get an hour right before a rain/wind storm started to hit.

I quickly set up my fly rod and walked over to the pond. Within a few casts I successfully found some bushes (more like dead weeds) behind me. I set angled my line and fly, determined to pay more attention to my back cast. A few more casts went by and I was successful at avoiding the bushes behind me.

A quality cast out let me start a five-second countdown. Half way through my retrieve my line went tight and my rod tip started bouncing! The fight was on!!

After a very extensive and draining fight I was able to wrangle in this massive fish (see below).

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Right after landing this fish the rain started coming down and I knew that it was time for me to head home. It was a great time playing with my new fly rod! I am really excited for the chance to get out and fish this fly rod more this summer.

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