Mail Day (April 26th)

Getting a letter or a package in the mail used to be a really big deal. With the rise of Amazon and other online retailers getting packages in the mail is a much more common occurrence in today's world. Trust me, with my wife getting Amazon Prime we are getting multiple packages a week - which is way different from when we first got married (almsot 9 years ago) and did not have it.

Yesterday, April 26th, I was excited to get the mail because, this time, a package was in the mail for me! I don't frequently get packages sent to me (Prime is in the wife's name). I had placed my first order from The Bluegill Bug Shop, a shop that I had found because I joined a bluegill fly tying group a long time ago. I was so impressed by Mel and how quick he was able to get stuff out from the time I placed my order.

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My order included some of the normal every day fly tying materials like beads and chenille (scrubby yarn is a cool pickup from the shop btw), but it also included something I am super excited to play with! It included a Flymen Fishing Co Fly Tying Kit: Panfish & Topwater Trout Popper. A step by step guide to tying poppers and the materials and hooks to tie them.

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I have tied plenty of poppers - but this is the first time getting a kit to tie them up. I will let you guys know how it goes and give y’all an update soon!

This popper kit and the chance to tie some extra small poppers for bluegill (and bass/whatever else wants to take a whack at them) has me more excited that many of my recent fly tying purchases! It’s going to be so much fun! Can’t wait to share what My experiences are!

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