Moonlit Products Available

Moonlit Products Available

These last few months have been incredibly busy - but very rewarding.  I have been spending hours building this website, recording videos, creating relationships with different vendors, tying flies, and day dreaming about fishing - it has been both stressful and great!   

As a result of these actions I am very excited to announce that Not Only Trout is now able to resell Moonlit Fly Fishing hooks, beads, and rods. I am excited that in the near future we will hopefully be selling both the new Nirvana on the Fly Rotary vises and the Nirvana on the Fly fly boxes.

Currently we have several models of hooks available.  Click this Hooks Link to take a look at the hooks.  Here are three pictures of some moonlit hooks with some fluff tied on them.


The above fly is tied on a ML052 in size 12.

 This red tungsten bead head soft hackle is tied on a ML056 in size 14

 This bunny leach is tied on a ML057 in size 4.

We have several models of hooks available (and will continue to expand our offerings).

Click here for the hooks we have available.

We also have slotted tungsten beads available in a variety of colors. 

Click here to view the selection of Moonlit Beads. 



Also, please take a quick look at the selection of Nirvana on the Fly and Moonlit fly rods that we have available.

Click here to check out the fly rods.

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