Multiple Species Caught By Paul!

Multiple Species Caught By Paul!

Welcome back to another installment of recent customer catches.  This last week via twitter I received notice from Paul that the Carp Skittle was taken on a walk down to a local creek - and the fish loved what they found.'

Paul reported that bass, bluegill and green sunfish all found the carp skittle to be a tasty treat that bit them back! 

If you haven't taken a moment to grab some Carp Skittles from the shop, please click here to get some.  

Or if you are more of the fly tying type - check out the Carp Skittle YouTube Video.  

Here are the ingredients to tie up the fly:
Hook: Daiichi 1520 Size 8 
Bead: Medium Beadchain Black
Thread: Semperfli NanoSilk 12/0 

Dubbing: UV Squirrel Tracer Caddis Green Chartreuse
Dubbing: Disco Dub Pale Caddis



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