My Newest Tying Addiction

I am a believer that if you aren't trying to get better or learn a new skill than you aren't really doing much -- and this really applies very heavily to fly tying. I could tie the same size 18-20 dry fly and nymph patterns over and over again and fill up my fly boxes and catch plenty of the same fish over and over again. It would work and it does work. Catching fish is fun. That said I love trying new things with tying. I've tied 5-7" articulated flies and then give them to friends headed to salt water destinations with big aggressive predators. I've also tied really small Merkin style crabs for bluegill - that was a challenge that felt really good to see a healthy bluegill smash my fly.

My newest addiction started just a few days ago and I am making a giant mess in my tying area (thank goodness that I have a vacuum for cleanup. I have started learning how to create deer hair poppers and sliders. I know that I have so much to learn and that I need a lot of practice.

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This is my first spun deer hair creation. It was tied on a size 8 Firehole hook. Marabou tail, chartreuse deer hair, thread and a pair of Flymen Fishing Company Dragon eyes. On this fly I managed to cause my thread wraps to start unraveling. I quickly grabbed my thread, threw in some wraps to trap the lose thread, added a whip finish and some more super glue. I had to keep this specific fly alive - just because it was the very first. (If it falls apart while using it that will be ok - it’s all the experience)

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I quickly followed this fly up - and being my over zealous self - I pushed myself to tie up some spun deer hair flies on some size 10 (short shank) scud hooks for bluegill. I tied up one in chartreuse (because bluegill) and then the third one I decided to start playing with colors.

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After these three flies I posted about my desire to learn this skill and to tie up more. I got some great feedback, was placed in contact with some incredibly talented individuals who are talking to me, sharing their knowledge, and helping push me. I will continue sharing more about these flies and the process that I am going through. I will be buying some tools to make this process work better. I’m hooked.

I am super excited to see what I fish I can find - I'm hoping to find some quality bass soon. I'll definitely let you all know when that happens.

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