New Products: Nirvana on the fly Vice and Sling Pack

New Products: Nirvana on the fly Vice and Sling Pack

Over the last several months I have had the privilege of getting some products for the shop (and for me to use to make sure they are something I could recommend).  I picked up the NIRVANA on the Fly Rotary Fly Trying Vise and Sling Pack.  

These are some great products - especially for the price. Let's start by talking about the Fly Tying Vise. There are several options for this vise - Pedestal Base, Table Clamp, Combination. I picked up the combination which has both the pedestal and the table clamp options.  

For the under $150 price point this vise is a quality vise that will easily hold most flies size 20-2/0 (some smaller and some bigger hooks might just work as well... I may or may not have tried a 4/0 hook in the vise). 

The vise does come in 5 different colors: Red, Purple, Olive, Teal Blue, and Lime Green.  This gives you the option to find a color that you like.

The setup is very simple and straight forward.  It did take some learning to figure out that the two knobs on the colored part of the vise are BOTH used for the rotary feature.  The large knob (on the side) is for major adjustments and the small knob (underneath) is for fine tuned adjustments. 

The only complaint that I have had during my use over the last several months has been that the pedestal base is a little too light when working with some styles of flies.  Which is why I am glad that I also have the table clamp option available to swap when necessary. 

The other recent addition has been the NIRVANA Sling Pack.  This pack comes in both Teal Green and Dark Grey.  It was a significant upgrade in size to my previous pack.  I have not been fishing enough with it yet to get a long term review on it - but everything feels well built, good sized, and comfortable.  I hope by the end of this year I have fished in it enough to give some more in depth feedback on it. 

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