New Prodcuts: Semperfli Thread Available

New Prodcuts: Semperfli Thread Available

Another fun product announcement - Not Only Trout now has Semperfli Thread available!

They have some amazing thread products available!  

First products are Nano Silk in both 50D (12/0) and 100D (6/0).  If you haven't tried out this thread yet, you need to get your hands on!  It is incredibly strong and lays down super smooth!  I took the 50D thread out and tested it with a strength test.  I threw a heavy duty hook in the vise and laid down some tight wraps and then lifted up my primary vise able to lift it and the base off the table without the thread snapping!  The 120D (6/0) has been used in a lot of my recent streamer patterns. 

Nano Silk 50D 12/0


The next batch of products are the classing waxed threads in  6/0 and 3/0.  These come in a lot of cool colors and are a great thread for streamers, foam flies, and normal every day tying.  I love the variety of colors for hot spots or for when I'm trying to match different earthy colors for my carp flies. 

This Big Hippie Midge Variant is tied using classic waxed thread.  Click the link and grab some if you are interested.  If you'd rather learn how to tie this fly - take a look at the step by step YouTube Video for the Big Hippie Midge Variant

The third batch of thread is the Semperfli Pure Silk . To quote Semperfli, "We matched our colours with an original Edmunds & Lee colour chart and the original Pearsalls Pure Silks ranges." For those that tie with silk - it is a great color match setup.  Be on the lookout for some soft hackles with silk thread being tied up in the near future!




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