Some Website updates

Some Website updates

So, Not Only Trout has had this website up and running for a little over a year at this point.  It has been a really interesting experience with some great moments and some moments of frustration. More than anything it has been a massive learning experience for me.  I am so thankful for the people that have helped me learn and notice when things need to be changed.


During a couple recent conversations, with some people I really respect, it came to light that the website could use some touchups in various aspects and that it needed a pretty serious overhaul for mobile users.  

That lead to a decent overhaul of how the site is setup, the way inventory is tracked (not that any of you see that portion of the website), and a large refresh to how the mobile portion works, and some other fun tweaks.  I really appreciate the insights that have been shared with me.  Thank you friends (yeah, you!)

For the entire month of December 2022 I am happy to announce that all of the products on the website (yes ALL of them) are going on sale!  WAHOO! Everything is just automatically 6% off! Just for fun! Or call it holiday savings, whatever you want! No coupon code necessary, just come shop and enjoy!

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