Something Icky - But I Like It

Something Icky - But I Like It

I hope you all are doing as well so far this year. It has been a very unusual start to the year. Between pandemic, politics, strange weather, and a higher amount of people actually following through with New Year's Resolutions (made that up, but lets go with it for humor's sake)- definitely a strange start to the year.

I have been on top of posting flies daily so far this year. 12 posts in 12 days. Not too shabby right?

Today I was talking with one of my friends and we were chatting flies and I said I was thinking of tying up some more soft hackle flies to post to Instagram because people seem to like them there (and they fish well too). He said to tie eggs and worms, or an egg worm. Just a few minutes later the fly was born. Not a new pattern to the world - just a new one for me today.

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Egg patterns are known to work. So are worm patterns. Combined they even work. My favorite feature on this particular fly (see below) is the egg yolk showing horizontally that goes along with where the worm would be going through the egg. I’m going to have tie a few more to see if I can get this to happen again and again and again!

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Sometimes we, fly fisher-people and fly tiers, take our selves way to seriously. This is a small reminder to have fun, tie things just for fun, and to make good memories. It doesn't hurt that this fly will hopefully catch a few fish before I lose it.

Please reach out and let me know of the love you have for funky and/or dirty flies! What are some of your favorites?

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