Spotted Bass Caught by Customer

Spotted Bass Caught by Customer

This last weekend I received a couple messages from a customer, George, that let me know about a fun trip he had been on.  He shared the the water wasn't too treacherous, that the golden ghosts (carp) were no where to be seen, but that the spotted bass were coming in hot!  

This first picture is from this last weekend.  He was fishing the Hoover Mover.  


This second picture is from a while ago - he did me the favor of finding a picture of another one that was caught.   This second one was caught on a Carp Skittle.


Outside of things in my personal life - getting pictures back of fish that people caught on my flies puts one of the biggest smiles on my faces!  Please keep it up!

Take a look at George's social media pages - @georgerbrownii on instagram and @georgerbrown on twitter. 


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