Started YouTube Channel

Hello, thank you for coming back and reading another blog post! It is an exciting time for "Not Only Trout"! I just started a YouTube Channel! I'm going to shameless plug myself right now. Please click here to go to my channel, choose a video and watch it, and click the subscribe button!

Now that the shameless plug is over, I'll explain what I hope to accomplish with the YouTube Channel. My goal is to share my passion for fly fishing and fly tying with everyone. I have the hope of posting a video roughly once every week to two weeks. I hope that there will be some rapid quality increases as I continue the video production.

I hope to showcase some of my talent, but to also help showcase the why behind the reason things are done. If you have a pattern you would like to use for a video, please reach out to me. I would love to go outside my comfort zone and tie up some new stuff as well.

If you haven't already seen the video (or even if you have) here is my first uploaded video to the channel. (If you don't like the music, please click mute).

Thank you again for all you do when following my blog. The likes, the comments, and the emails mean a lot to me! Have a great day everyone!

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