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Raidzap has developed the right UV resin for fly tying in 5 types. Raidzap THIN, MEDIUMTHICKSUPER THIN and FLEX –  4 types of UV resin in Crystal clear surface, cures with any UV light and hard as a bullet proof rock. 1 Crystal clear Flexible UV resin that is so flexible as all possible. 5 types on the working in fly tying. The working time before it begins to flow. Choose your type, choose your resin for fly tying.! – Tack Free!

THIN for use a thin layer on small flies, coating wing cases or as head cement.!
MEDIUM for handle most tasks on almost all flies. The most popular formula for building heads or bodies.!
THICK for building large pike heads and ‘glass’ bodies easily and quickly.!
SUPER THIN for coating the last thinnest layer ever or for secure the thread.
FLEX for flexible heads, bodies etc.

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