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RZ 365 Pro

RZ 365 Pro

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Raidzap 365 Pro is our leading UV flashlight in the field of fly tying. Developed with the right wavelength for UV resin. Developed with RZ 365NM UV. The Rz 365 PRO are provide with a 18650 Li-on battery of 2300 mAh. Developed for any flytier that want´s quality.

The Rz 365 PRO even announces when it is charging. No battery replacement, to protect the environment. No need to take out battery, connect direct USB plug into Rz 365 PRO. Connect powerbank or USB adapter to power outlet..

When it ALL fits – Then it will make fly tying easier..!



By adding the right 365NM wavelength in 1, with a straight line behind Glass. You get the perfect UV light for cure and high output in one light. Perfect for fly tying or for finding amber in the beach. You will notice that this UV flashlight is different from other UV flashlights. The perfect light, the right light in Fly tying – We Just Keep It Simple!



Straight out of the box. Remove the safety plastic from the battery. Charge the RZ 365. #justcure

Chip: RZ 365 9010 UV SP
Battery: 18650
Power: 5w
Material: 6061-T6
Size: 130mm,30mm,28mm
Powersource: 2300 mAh
Batterytime: 10 hours
Charging: Direct USB
Weight: 129 gram
Lifetime: 10.000 hours


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